Five Images from Amboseli National Park

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Amboseli is synonymous with two main elements.

Elephants and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Whilst the clear views of Mount kilimanjaro in the background are on most peoples list, this cant always be guaranteed. What is pretty much guaranteed is sightings of free-ranging elephants. Each day the herds file out from the Acacia woodlands which dominate the foot-slopes of Africa’s highest mountain before making their way into the marshlands to feed on a variety off grasses and reeds.

Of all the destinations I have visited in Africa, the elephants in Amboseli National Park seem to be some of the most relaxed and placid I have encountered. This means that one can often spend extended periods of time with them feeding just meters away from the vehicle, allowing guests to not only capture some great images, but also to put their cameras down and take in more of the social nature of these pachyderms.

There is a lot more to Amboseli National Park with good numbers of general game and even big cats (as you can see from our Big Cats & Tuskers Trip Report), but when it comes down to choosing five images which epitomise this region, how could I choose anything but elephants…

A small herd seemingly dwarfed by an afternoon storm

A small herd seemingly dwarfed by an afternoon storm

A Large bull Stands Guard as a herd grazes in the swamps

A Large bull Stands Guard as a herd grazes in the swamps

Amboseli Photo Safari with Andrew Beck Wild Eye-4

Cattle egrets are almost always found alongside the elephant herds in Amboseli 

Amboseli Photo Safari with Andrew Beck Wild Eye-2

3 Elephant bulls socialising on the open marshes with the foot slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background.

Amboseli Photo Safari with Andrew Beck Wild Eye-3

An elephant herd moving beneath a blanket of cloud

If you enjoy watching and photographing elephants then you simply have to visit Amboseli National Park at least once in your lifetime. In June I’ll be hosting the second edition of our Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Photographic Safari where we will spend 5 nights exploring and photographing Amboseli and its wildlife.


Oh yes, I cant wait to return.

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