Five Images from Mana Pools

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I can wax lyrical about Mana Pools all day. Literally.

I can ramble off a list of 5,005 things I love about it. Really.

The amazing experience of being exposed, up close and on foot with some of Africa’s iconic animals does that to me.

The incredibly unique beauty of the floodplains does that to me.

Instead, I will conjure up 5 words, impressions that Mana has left on me. And then I will follow that up with 5 photos, photos that I hope would speak a 1000 words each.

You see what I did there? I got to 5,005!

Impressions of Mana Pools:

1. Ethereal

2. Magical

3. Nostalgic

4. Saturating

5. Immersive

Images of Mana Pools (all taken on foot):

Under the Winterthorn


Painted Wolf



Now, having seen this (read my 5005 words), do you want to join us in this piece of paradise?

There are only a couple of spots left on our scheduled 2015 photo safaris…

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Experience Mana Pools with us!

These images show but a glimpse of what you can expect to see and photograph in Mana Pools. Join Morkel and Marlon in this true African wilderness for the photographic adventure of a lifetime.

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