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Last weeks #beinspiredby theme was straight out of camera  and we asked our community to share their “RAW” files with us. When I was looking for images to share I thought that I would choose an image which showcases just how much can be done in camera before one even starts to edit and process the RAW files.

I chose this RAW image of Mount Shompole and Lake Natron.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Shompole-2

The blue tone that dominates the RAW mage is as a result of a custom white balance value of 3250 K which I dialled in in order to enhance the cold nature and blue tones of the scene. For interests sake, this is what the camera would have captured using the Auto White Balance (AWB).

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Shompole-3

Already a big difference right?

Now, onto processing.

I chose not to apply lens corrections on this image as I like the slight distortion and vignetting that is native to the 16-35mm at 16mm.

I applied some basic adjustments as well as a subtle vignetting as can be seen below.

[space height=”20″]

The final result is far more in line with my original vision.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Shompole


Custom white balance values can yield some interesting results as long as you use them to match the tone and mood of your scene or story. Don’t be afraid to try something different in the field, besides, if you are shooting RAW, you can always correct the colour temperature in Lightroom!

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