From the Field: Cats Everywhere

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During the last two days our photographic attention has shifted from river crossings to large cats.

The reason?

Well first of all there are cats everywhere – lions, cheetah and since this morning leopard as well – and then the wildebeest have been on a bit of a break from river crossings for the last two days.

That being said, there is currently a massive build up taking place and our guides reckon that in the next day or two we are likely to see some more major action.

As I write this everybody is busy processing their images after what was an amazing morning of wildlife photography.

This was the last scene we photographed before one of the guest jokingly said “oh my goodness, please… no more!” as the action just kept on going and going!


The action was non-stop, the wildlife photography was amazing and the Mara just keeps on delivering!

The best part about the trip is that in every sighting it was just our three Wild Eye vehicles.

Great time, great photography and great new friends!

Until next time!

Gerry van der Walt

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