From the Field: Creating Depth

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One of the most difficult things to create in an image is depth.

When you look at a scene your brain can interpret a three dimensional scene but when translated to a two dimensional image it’s easy to end up with a flat image.

A few days ago we spent time with two mating lions and I threw the challenge at the people in my car – create depth in this scene.

It’s really simple.  Make sure your focus is on the subject you want to draw attention to and then include something in the foreground, or background, to create a sense of depth in the frame.  Something that leads your viewer’s eye into the frame and to your subject.

This was my image from this particular scene.

Gerry van der Walt - Wildlife Photography

By focusing on the male and including the lioness in the foreground I have told the story and created depth in the frame.

We have had amazing sightings that have made for amazing photography and we still have two days left!

For now… their are lions roaring close to camp, the coffee is almost ready and we have the open plains of the Mara waiting for us.

Until next time!

Gerry van der Walt

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