From the Field: Essential Amboseli And Tsavo Day 1 & 2

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Day two, and the first full day, of our Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Photographic Safari has come to an end and our group of guests have enjoyed some great sightings and photographic opportunities already.

The focus of this safari is undoubtedly elephants and yesterday afternoon we spent quite a bit of time with some of the herds and bulls as they foraged along the fringes of the marsh.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye

We have also been treated to a number of tender moments between mothers and calves, none better than this particular interaction as a young elephant calf grabs a hold of its mothers tusk.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8551

This morning started of with some beautiful backlighting and some panning opportunities a s large herd of wildebeest welcomed in the new day.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8592

Despite a thick blanket of cloud settling in for most of the morning, we were still able to get some great shots of two young elephant bulls who were intent on sizing one another up as well as a black headed heron who had found what looks like some sort of skink in the lush grasses around the fringe of the marsh.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8663

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8650

As the morning progressed the clouds began to break up providing us with that all important key lighting. Typical of Amboseli, dust devils swirl and tower upwards into the sky as the mid day heat sets in and pockets of warm air rise sending towers of dust into the air.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8706

Our afternoon drive could not have ended on a better note as we sat for more than an hour waiting for the sun to sink below a thick cloud bank to the north west. It was a long wait but by the time it sunk below the cloud and bathed Amboseli in a golden light we had moved into prime position and were able to get some fantastic images of the elephant herds that were making their way out from the swamp.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8856

So, at the end of day one, not only had we captured and experienced all of this (and more) but I have been covering topics such as exposure compensation, composition, key-lighting, back button focus, animal behaviour and more.

I’ll be posting images and updates from the trip on Instagram under @AndrewBeckSA so feel free to check out the #WildEyeSA hash tag and pick up my feed from there – it will more than likely have elephants in the timeline!


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  1. Martha Myers

    It’s all about waiting for the right moment, isn’t it? The heron and the mother/baby elephant were my favorites in this series. Thank you for the post.

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