From The Field: Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Day 3 – 5

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Building on day one and two here in Amboseli (Check out this post if you missed the first update) we have had some incredible encounters and photographic opportunities.

Our plan for the third morning of our safari was to head out to the Amboseli Lake Bed via one of the swamps to the west of the lodge where we came across a beautiful reedbuck ram.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8882

Once at the lake we ended up photographing a number of zebra who were making their way across the lake bed towards a water source near one of the wetlands.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9127

The guests loved this part of the park so much that we returned here on our fourth morning to capture more of the open space, but not before we were treated to an opportunity of capturing the “essential” Amboseli image of Mount Kilimanjaro and Elephants in the foreground.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9041

As if this wasnt enough, we also came across the Serval that we had seen on day one of our safari. Sice then we have seen this same individual on each and every day which has been an absolute treat.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-8954

Our work on the lake bed for this second morning focussed on some high-key black and white techniques and our guide Tim was a willing participant.

The zebra skeleton on the other hand had no say in the matter.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9115

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9159

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9105

On our way back to the lodge we came across a group of 16 hyena who had taken down a wildebeest the previous evening. The clan were pretty content relaxing in the shallow waters of the wetland whilst a couple of the youngsters cleaned up what was left of the carcass.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9188

The afternoon was spent back at the main marsh where a number of large bulls and a couple of small herds had gathered. Soft diffused light provided the ideal opportunity to get some close-up detail shots of the elephants and, with some magnificent tuskers grazing pretty close to the road, we were given some fantastic photographic opportunities.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9316

As the sun set to the west we returned back to the lodge stopping only briefly for a couple of lions who were resting on the fringe of the palm thickets.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9370

This mornings highlight was spending a goof 40 minutes with a small herd of elephants in magical light as they made their way through the acacia woodlands at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. The herd passed within meters of our vehicle, completely relaxed and unperturbed by our presence.

Each of the guests commented on how silently they move across the open plains.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9430

With this afternoon being our final afternoon in Amboseli we were hoping to be treated to more great light and sightings and bot did Amboseli deliver. Splitting up one of our vehicles and guests were privileged to watch a lioness hunt and kill a wildebeest before being harassed and having her prize claimed by hyenas.

This is truly special as to witness this in Amboseli is a pretty rare occurrence.

Our second vehicle, which i was in, missed on out on this action but enjoyed a special moment of our own as we photographed backlight elephant, zebra and wildebeest in the final rays of light.

Essential Amboseli & Tsavo Andrew Beck Wild Eye-9544

Tomorrow, after one last game drive in the morning, we head west to Tsavo West where we will spend two nights exploring the unique volcanic landscapes of this historical national park.

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