Gallery: Exclusive Amboseli & Tsavo Part II

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Today we head East from Amboseli National Park to Tsavo West National Park.

I visited this part of the world for the first time last year and was left in awe of its raw beauty. Wild, remote and with some of the most diverse landscapes and vegetation I have ever seen, I cant wait to explore more of this fascinating national park.

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For now, here are some images captured during previous years’ safaris.

Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-2 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-3 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-4 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-5 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-6 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-7 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-8 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-9 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari-10 Tsavo_West_Exclusive_Amboseli_&_Tsavo_Safari

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