Getting back to Zambia and the Busanga Plains

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A little more than 3 years ago I was blown away by a short 2 night stint in Zambia’s Busanga plains.

Tomorrow i’ll be returning to this incredible part of Africa to get some more images and first hand experience of Mukambi Safari Lodge and Mukambi Plains camp ahead of our 2015 Kafue and Busanga Plains Photo Safari.

Zambia Busanga PLains Photo Safari Andrew Beck-6

On my previous trip I was in the plains right at the start of the season when there was still a lot of water on the plains. I am now returning at the peak of the dry season, the best time to explore the region as game activity is concentrated along what little water is available to in the heart of the Busanga Plains. An excerpt from Mukambi’s website says it all:

“Only a few people have discovered the Busanga Plains. It is only accessible four months a year. Here lions and cheetahs prey on animals such as wildebeest, roan and buffalo to name a few. Lechwe and puku graze on the central swamps while the shy sitatunga hides in the papyrus reeds. Crowned and wattled cranes, secretary birds and ground hornbills stalk the grasslands whose openness is interrupted only by tree studded islands. Here ancient fig trees (the famous One Fig) and palms draw their nutrients from giant termite hills. It is a landscape so distinctive, like no other you will see in Africa.”

I remember the still and misty mornings being punctuated by the roar of a male lion and the unmistakeable call of the Grey-crowned Cranes.

Zambia Busanga PLains Photo Safari Andrew Beck-5

Zambia Busanga PLains Photo Safari Andrew Beck

I remember the trees that dominated the small, scattered islands amongst the overgrown waterways.

Zambia Busanga PLains Photo Safari Andrew Beck-4

I remember the herds of Lechwe grazing in the morning mist…

Zambia Busanga PLains Photo Safari Andrew Beck-3

And this was all at the start of the season.

I am sure you can understand why I am so excited to return!

I’ll be sharing images and updates as much as possible but believe me when I say that you’re going to want to keep an eye out for the full trip report at the end of the month!

Zambia Busanga PLains Photo Safari Andrew Beck-2


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