Penny Robartes - Lake Nakuru

Getting down low at Lake Nakuru

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There is something undeniably magical about this place that stirs your soul as soon as you arrive.

Maybe it’s the ancient Yellow Fever Tree forest that looms high above one in its magnificent and golden state, holding secrets that we can only dream of knowing or being witness to.

Or could it be that if you look deep behind the many trees, a lone and silent male Waterbuck is gazing at you, and has been aware of your presence long before you even knew of his.

Penny Robartes - Lake Nakuru

Going in a little further and rounding a bend, the view that is available to you is breathtaking to say the least. The Fever Tree forest takes a stand back and allows the dight brown shores that is covered in clumps of green and brown grass to surround the baby blue soda lake.

Yes, this place is that idyllic. Add white rhino, herds of zebra and buffalo to the lake shore along with flocks of flamingo and pelican and more… I you are probably thinking it couldn’t possibly get any better, right?

How about being able to get down low.

As in on the lake shore floor.

The ability to shoot from a much lower position than what most of us are accustomed to from a vehicle enables you to create a different image. By shooting at the eye-level of your subject, are giving back its power at stature as no longer are you towering over it.

Striving to capture the essence of my subjects at any destination I come upon, this touch of wild beauty enables you to do this exactly while letting your imagination and vision run freely.

Shooting from a lower position enables you to create an image which gives you the feeling of direct eye-contact and a feeling of intimate connectedness  with your subject, along with the feeling that you are closer to seeing the world the way they might.

A world from their perspective.

Penny Robartes - Lake Nakuru

Penny Robartes - Lake Nakuru

To the casual observer who may be driving past, it is pretty much determined that they will think you are insane as you squat, lie, bend and undergo bodily contortions in order to capture that one image that you just have to create.

But from always looking at the world from your perspective, by crouching down it is quite amazing what you notice as you see the world anew.


By getting an even lower perspective, you will truly gasp as your mind starts  going on a roller coaster ride at the new possibilities that are waiting for you.

Don’t overlook low vantage points as often the results are truly rewarding.

Be that person that others look on with confusion.

Catch your breath and capture the world anew.

Penny Robartes - Lake Nakuru

You may be more than pleasantly surprised by the results.

Keep passionate and keep shooting!


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