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Its been a busy couple of weeks to start off 2014 at the Wild Eye offices and I am running dangerously close to neglecting the blog this week!

Stepping back from some of the more serious and technical posts that dominate the blog at the moment I thought I would share a quick image taken at Marievale Bird Sanctuary in 2012. Placing a subject in the middle of the frame is often frowned upon but it can work really well in certain circumstances.

Here, the image is well balanced and because the “flow of energy” is without a doubt running vertically rather than horizontally, the central placement works well in combination with the vertical orientation.

Getting stuck in


Canon 1D MK IV, 800mm f5.6 @f5.6, ISO 1000, 1/1600

Don’t forget to change your composition in the field – sometimes we get stuck shooting in a horizontal orientation and miss out on opportunities like this one!

Andrew Beck

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