A Golden Hunt

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GerryvanderWalt-Golden Hunt

Nikon D800, 600mm, 1/2500, f/4, ISO 3200
Mara Triangle, Kenya

Shooting into the sun can create incredible wildlife images and more often than not that is when the subjects we really want to photograph do their thing.  In this particular case we were following three cheetahs that were on the hunt and when they spotted a few zebra in the distance the photographic scene took care of itself.

Technically there is quite a bit wrong with this image – did you notice the ISO setting and soft sun flares? – but there is so much more to photography than just pure technical quality.

Mood, feeling, story telling and that great moment when the visual whole is bigger than the sum of the photographic parts – that is what makes striking wildlife images.

When you next head out into the field yes, keep the technical side of things in the back of your mind but don’t allow yourself to get so caught up in the numbers that you miss the moments.

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Gerry van der Walt

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