It was great to experience the Timbavati again!

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For these of you who follow me on the various social platforms; would know that I hosted a private guided safari at Umlani in the Timbavati this past weekend. I cannot wait to get back there next month as I will be hosting the Shindzela Photo Safari as well as a eight night private safari at Umlani!

This was my first visit to Umlani Bush Camp and I really enjoyed it, so did my guests! The camp to blends in with the environment and the entire bush camp is built from natural materials in a traditional African style, it really makes you feel as if you are part of the environment.

So, my first visit to a very cool camp but not my first visit to one of the most prolific game view areas in Africa, the Timbavati.

Prior to this past weekend, the last time I ever had the privilege to be in this gem of a place, was five years ago!

Im sure you could imagine how my excitement levels were through the roof! I; along with my guests, were so excited to be there and even photograph the very common species such as Impala, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Kudu and even the incredible bird life!

This was Ayesha and Khalid’s first safari experience and from what I saw and heard, they were blown away!

Ayesha will be sharing a blog and images with us that we will post soon after. This will not only give her the opportunity to show off her work but also to share her thoughts as a first time safari goer in order for you to see what she thought of the experience as a whole and also see some of the incredible images that she created! Well-done Ayesha!

During our three nights we got to experience all the seasons of the year, from very hot conditions to cooler conditions. We enjoyed a very wet safari that was fortunately followed by dry safaris. We watched a storm build and ducked at the sight of lightning covering the massive skies, we had cloudy skies and clear skies.

Put all of the above together – we had a GREAT time!

Game viewing had also improved a lot according to Marlon who was there a few nights before us. We had very good big game sightings to spite some of the weather conditions. The ones all wish to see; the Big 5 as well as wild dog!


This was the first time Ayesha had ever photographed wild life and I’m sure she will tell you herself later on, it was quiet intimidating to her.

We took it step for step and worked our way through the necessary steps to get her to a point where she felt comfortable. Once we reached that point it was easy running, she was NAILING it!

Not only did she bank her good looking, sharp images but also banked some very cool looking creative images.

She told me that she knew what she wanted to photograph, learn, see and experience on the first day we met. The moment she told me this I knew she made the right choice to do a private guided safari with Wild Eye in order to focus on exactly what SHE wanted. She sure got it!

The benefits of a Private Guided Safari with Wild Eye are as follows;

  • Peace of mind:  From the moment you start planning your private safari until you say goodbye your private guide will be there every step of the way to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your experience.
  • Continuity:  Whether you are traveling to different destinations or you are returning for a second or third safari the continuity provided by a private guide will make for a much more enjoyable and in depth wildlife experience.
  • Company:  You decide how many people you would like to travel with – either just yourself or travel with good friends and family – the choice is yours.
  • Choice:  Your private guide will work with you to customize everything from the level of accommodation to the destination and areas to visit in order to maximize the potential to see and photograph the key species on your list.
  • Collaboration: Having all worked at and guided at 5-star lodges our guides understand the importance of collaborating with the local guide and lodge staff in order to create and mold your perfect safari.
  • Accessibility: You will have access to your guide throughout your safari so you won’t have to wait until game drive time to ask questions on wildlife and photography.
  • Education:  Whatever your level of photography you can be assured of leaving your Wild Eye private guided safari with new skills, techniques and inspiration.  All our guides are involved in our various photography courses and workshops and this forms a part of the offering on every private safari.
  • Time:  Having the time to focus on the sightings and experiences that you want to focus is priceless and your guide will assist in maximizing these moments in the field.
  • Qualified:  Every one of the Wild Eye private guides are qualified and experienced in the guiding and hospitality industries – something we are truly proud of and believe makes a difference to the value they bring to your safari.
  • Fun:  The Wild Eye ethos has always revolved around the enjoyment of the safari experience and when you mix this with a relaxed professionalism and true passion for nature you can be assured of an incredible and fun adventure with more than a few laughs.

Private Guided Safari

A private guided safari with Wild Eye is without a doubt the best way to travel through Africa and enjoy a holistic wildlife and photographic experience.

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I look forward to hosting you on a life changing private safari one day soon!

Until then

Happy Snapping!



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