Great Migration Safaris 2015: The Final week begins…

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Tonight I’ll be boarding a flight to Kenya to host our final great migration safari of 2015.


The last two months of safaris being hosted in the Mara Triangle Conservancy at the Wild Eye Mara camp have been incredible to say the very least. Each and every week has been different and had their own highlights and special moments. These have ranged from monstrous river crossings through to witnessing 4 different lion kills in less than an hour.

Personally,my three weeks in the Mara were definitely dominated by dramatic and dusty river crossings, with a fair dose of feline action in between. One of the most memorable of these crossings was a particular evening crossing which took place at 18:30 in almost no light whatsoever.


As if the opportunity to shoot at ridiculously slow shutter speeds wasn’t enough we watched a large male leopard hunt wildebeest along the exit ponts on the river bank.

Lets just say it was a special evening!

What I love most about the Mara and this eco-system in general is how quickly things can change and, after being back home for a week, I am excited to return to our camp and see how things have changed.


As always, we will be putting together our Top 100 images form the Mara once the season has come to an end (you can check out the 2013 and 2014 Top 100 by following these links) but I thought I’d share a couple of the moments from my previous stint in the Mara triangle with you before I head off.


As usual i’ll be feeding some images back to the team here at the office but will also be sharing on Instagram (@AndrewBeckSA) so feel free to join me on there and be sure to check out the #WildeyeSA and #Migration2015 hash tags to get an idea of what our guests have experienced throughout the 2015 Great Migration Safari season.

If you’d like more info on our 2016 safari packages be sure to check out our 6 night, 10 night and 13 night safari packages on the website!

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  1. Michael Steden Martina Meyer

    Counting the hours to be there – now less then 24 hours – can´t wait to meet you guys
    We are boarding tonight to Kenya aswell and are in good mood

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