Great Migration Week 3 Report

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After spending three weeks in Kenya hosting the Big Cats & Tuskers Safari, the first week of our Great Migration, a private safari in the Amboseli and helped out with the last couple of days of the second week of the migration the start of the third week was upon us.

One would think after 3 weeks of safari and still one to go, that it will be boring and repetitive.

Not even close!

A safari in Kenya will never grow old. There is always some type of action somewhere, always something to see and very seldom a dull day.

This week was a type of exclusive experience as Jono, Marlon and I hosted a group of 12 YPO members.

On day of arrival at Sarena Airstip in the Masai Mara,

Our guests were allocated to their vehicles, camera gear in hand and welcomed by a blanket of wildebeest that covered the plains of the Masai Mara.

General game, as the Mara is also known for were out showing off their stuff throughout the week and on one particular day all of our guests enjoyed photographing some of these species from a hot air ballon.


We were all very privileged to have spent a full day with Jonathan Scott, (The Big Cat Man) share a safari vehicle with him and honored to hear his story.

Predator movements and activity are usually high in the Mara particularly this time of year. They sure didn’t let us down.

The reason why people return to the Mara year after year during the months of July and October is to see the shear number of wildebeest and Zebra that move across the plains of the Masai Mara and lets not forget the river crossings.

Due to the lack of rain in Kenya the masses started to move sooner and we were very lucky to witness these animals cross the Mara river in both directions in the same areas day after day.

We experienced all round weather, wet, dry and we were blessed with some spectacular sunsets throughout the week.

It was a great week out and every evening after the safari, once the sun had greeted us, we were welcomed back into camp by our incredible Masai staff, enjoyed sharing our stories and hearing others.

A massive thank you to everyone that was involved, it sure was a week for the books!

Until next time,

Happy snapping!


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