The Great Migration… And More

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I am back from an incredible 11 days spent in the Masai Mara on our Extended Great Migration Safari and am feeling so excited to get stuck in and push through the last couple of months of this year.

Each morning I’d wake up about 30 minutes before the guests and join Gerry for a quiet cup of coffee whilst watching the first hint of a sunrise on the horizon. This little morning ritual gave me a lot of time to sit and think about the experiences of the previous day and of the week in general.

We had a great group of guests and what struck me most with is that they really embraced the fact that there is so much more to this incredible eco-system and safari experience than just the wildebeest crossings.

Whilst we witnessed a number of massive and dramatic river crossings, this group was without exception quite happy to sit with mating lions for more than an hour whilst waiting for good light. They were happy to idle along the Tanzanian border, admiring the expanse and natural beauty of a pristine savannah. They were happy to get out of the vehicle and spend time photographing a Kori Bustard during an otherwise quiet afternoon drive.

Kori Bustard

Their appreciation extended beyond just the wildlife experience as they embraced the beauty and location of the Wild Eye Mara Camp, its staff and the unique experiences that this setup afforded them.

Andrew Beck Wild Eye Masai Mara Migration Safari-2

This go’s beyond just the location, exclusivity and flexibility and finds its roots in the fantastic team of staff which create this unique safari experience for each of our guests.

I can’t tell you how often I have had guests commenting on how much they will miss the staff and how much they appreciate the authenticity of the cultural evening which our Maasai staff host on each of our safaris.

Andrew Beck - Wild Eye - Masai Mara Great Migration-2

Andrew Beck - Wild Eye - Masai Mara Great Migration-3

Whilst the primary focus of our trips is to photograph and capture the great migration in all its glory, there is so much more to this experience.

It’s hard to put it into words but if you’ve read through this and, despite the lack of dramatic wildebeest crossing images (which I assure you will feature in our trip report) then perhaps you should consider joining us for the great migration (and so much more) next year.

Andrew Beck

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  1. Zoe Mulholland

    Lovely Andrew! Another one on my bucket list! Too many places, such little time! I envy you! Please share with me the settings for those fabulous evening shots. The one of the lights and the two camp staff is unbelievable. So jealous! 🙂

    1. Post
      Andrew Beck

      Thanks Zoe, always happy to have you join us as you know! A couple of people have asked for details on the low light shots in the post so perhaps I should do a short “Behind the Frame” post on these to share settings and tips. Hope you and the gang are all well that side of the globe!

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