From the field: The Great Wildebeest Migration Builds in Intensity

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of week you will know that the Wild Eye team have been kept quite busy with our Great Wildebeest Migration Safaris in Kenya’s Masai mara.

During the past 4 days with our current group of guests, we have been privileged to witness 10 spectacular Wildebeest crossings that predominantly took place on the southern part of the Mara Triangle. There were significant numbers that crossed the river from the Masai Mara south into the Triangle.

MARA cross 1 _

We had great views of these crossings and, due to the sheer number of Wildebeest and Zebra crossing the river, had many different angles to capture some memorable images. Our guests, who were all first time visitors tot the Mara, watched in awe and could not quite comprehend the intensity of the event. This was all over and above the fabulous sightings of the big 5 that they had on their first afternoon !

During the last 2 days the crossings have certainly become less intensive and more sporadic which did concern me a little bit as we still have another 2 weeks of safaris coming up (Our next departure is fully booked but we do still have space on the week of 30 September – 6 October). Then, this morning we drove out of camp towards the Oloololo Escarpment and came across plains that contained 100’s of thousands of Wildebeest. It literally took our breath away!

MARA big herd_

Our guides that have worked in the Mara for many years commented that it was by far the largest herd they had ever seen. These animals will be crossing back North and East into the Mara, which is fairly late in the season for them to be here. The opinion of our guides and the Mara Triangle field rangers is that this mass movement from the south should ensure that the migration lasts well into November!

When this heard comes back it is going to be phenomenal. We are considering extending our stay to take advantage of this spectacle. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity !

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