Guest Blog: Chobe Photo Safari – September 2015

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Chobe has always been a place of tranquility and beauty for me. It’s a place where I can unwind, lie back and simply listen to the soothing sounds of nature surrounding me.

Even before our arrival at Kasane Airport in Botswana, my mom I and were beyond excited! We quickly arrived at immigration, got all the legalities out of the way and jumped on the boat, ready for our river safari adventure to begin.

When we arrived on Impalila Island we were greeted by warm, friendly smiles and ice-cold drinks. This was to be our first night after which we would spend 3 nights on the Chobe Princess houseboat.  Our rooms were as amazing as the delicious food we got that night.

We got to do 2 boat safaris from the lodge and we could hardly believe our eyes when we saw a leopard on our first afternoon on the river. This is so very special and rare, something I will always remember.

Marlon 3

The next morning after a great breakfast we packed our bags and said our goodbyes. Our guide Anton took us to the Chobe Princess for the next leg of our exciting safari. As we were welcomed and shown around the boat, my breath was taken from me! it was beautiful! The houseboat represented the key to unlocking the magic of the Chobe River.

Marlon 2

Marlon 4

Dining with great new friends, docking at Elephant Bay, watching them play in the water & dusting themselves only meters away from the front of our houseboat was an experience I will find myself thinking about every day!

Marlon du Toit was the man entrusted with the task of teaching me how to catch a fish. As a city girl i had very little knowledge when it came to the art of fishing. That quickly changed when I reeled in a 10kg catfish! Now how lucky can one city girl be?


The morning & afternoon safaris on the boat were so unique and beautiful, all complimented by the ever present calls of the African Fish Eagles. Photographically the scene’s and sights were incredible!

We made memories which will never be forgotten.  We formed friendships that will never be forsaken.



This experience with Marlon & Wild Eye is one that will be told many times and that will never grow old! I look forward to many more safaris with Wild Eye, and to seeing more of the incredible pieces of Africa out there.

Look deep into nature & you’ll understand everything a little better.

Marlon 5

Thanks and till next time,

Kayla-Anne Cholwich

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