Guest Blog: Kafue & The Busanga Plains Photo Safari

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There is so much that is magical about Africa…diverse in its landscape and animal population.

There is the luxury and easiness that some prefer, and there is the “Out of Africa” experience I crave.   All that I lacked on this incredible experience was Robert Redford waiting to wash my hair!


From an arid, dusty flood plain and “floating grass” to the plush twenty foot “walls” of papyrus, Busanga Plains offered it all.   

Roads as bumpy as they get, bridges you wonder if safari truck will actually make it across.  This is an experience no one should pass up.

Landscapes amazingly beautiful…woodlands to flat savannah-type grasses and channels of water one would think aren’t very deep, but in actuality can hold the largest  hippo!   Floating grass you might want to walk on barefoot…but be careful, you might step on a one of those very large hippos!  

And, the most magnificent fig trees!  One Fig, as it is known, sits atop a small island…a sentinel of the plains. 


Busanga is a sea of flat, dry grass…with islands dotting the entire landscape.

Lion Island” (my nickname for Small Acacia Island) beautiful with fig trees, very tall Acacias, tall grass — and lions usually within close range.  




In addition to the Busanga Pride and the Treeline Pride, leopard roam the ring of woodland around the plains…and cheetah shine in the golden light.


Thousands of antelope: red lechwe, comical in their ineptness to jump a small creek and magnificent when they actually do it right, the cute puku who will watch your every move as you drive by,  to the rare Roan, with they ET-like ears and horns, and the ever elusive, Sable.…not sure it actually exists..kind of like the Unicorn!   


Birds galore…my two favorite, the fish eagle with its eerie call and the goliath heron (or take giant and goliath and mix it and you get the Giliath!  



Animals do not disappoint.

Andrew Beck is the most patient teacher and expert with his knowledge of cameras, composition and Lightroom.  I learned so much about my gear, my editing and myself when it comes to taking a picture.  I believe photography is “moment hunting”…finding and capturing that specialness in a single moment.  Andrew helped me toward that goal in more ways than he may realize.  I arrived with a shot list long enough to cross your eyes.  The most important to me..a lion backlit at night.  And it happened.   

A lioness, in the dark of tall grass…the other safari truck shining that spotlight on her…just enough to give me that golden backlight…my soul soared…and then she roared!


Tears just flowed…as they do now in reliving that moment…one of the most special times of my life.  Andrew grabbed my shoulder and held it as I cried…nothing more reaffirming than that Andrew is one very special person, both professionally and personally…he knew how special this moment was for me…and he was just as thrilled as I was.

If you want to improve your photography, or learn something about yourself and your photography…Andrew is the guy that can help you do that.

Ceasar, our guide,  has an eye only an eagle may envy…and the graciousness and knowledge we should all envy.  Morning breaks and afternoon sundowners — table cloth on the hood of the truck, coffee, tea, gin and tonics and wonderful bites of appetizers.  Sundowners especially magnificent for the endless sky at sunset.

Busanga Plains bush camp is beautiful, hidden among palm trees….solar showers, ready when you need…no electricity…it was wonderful to be so disconnected and be able to experience Africa as it should be…rustic and beautiful.


Staff at Busanga Plains camp – among the best I have experienced…Daniel orating his dinner menu with a smile as big as that African sky and Botson with that morning coffee and a gracious “good morning”…and Dale…working his way through as the new manager, always smiling and willing to be of assistance.

Louis, the camp chef, delivered gourmet menus for both lunch and dinner….I think I gained a few pounds!   After dinner drinks on the deck around a campfire…reliving the incredible days we experienced.   

Busanga Plains is remote, very remote…getting there an adventure in itself. 

But the end result is a desolate beauty and a sense of freedom that will fill your soul, as only Africa can do.


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Visit the Busanga Plains in 2016

There are very few places left in Africa where one can experience raw Africa. The Kafue National Park, and in particular the Busanga Plains is one of these rare destinations. Follow the link below to find out more about our 2016 Kafue & Busanga Plains Photo Safari.

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