Guests Images from our Great Migration Safari Week 1

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The first week of our Great Migration Safaris was an incredible success that kept our guests and guides filled with excitement at the amount of sightings and crossing that they witnessed and captured on camera.

Here are two galleries from two of our guests that just hint at the amazing spectacle that they were witness too:

Grant Marcus:

[gdl_gallery title=”guest1″ width=”150″ height=”150″ ]

Marc de Jager:

[gdl_gallery title=”guest2″ width=”150″ height=”150″ ]

Keep checking our Photo Chat Blog and Facebook page as we will be posting updates and images for weeks to come of Africa’s greatest natural spectacle!

Penny Robartes

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  1. Martin

    Great pictures so far, and not only the ones from the migration.
    Unfortunaly we missed the mygration last July.
    It was our first time in Africa and we hoped to see the wildebeasts.
    But becuase of the dry wheater the alreade left the Serengeti and moved up to the Mara.

    PS: excuses for my enlisch i am dutch

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