Hyena, An Unfair Reputation

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Hyenas, for a number of reasons have a very bad reputation. Yes, they are scavengers, as are lions and contrary to popular belief they are very successful hunters, on the whole, more successful than lion in fact.

Hyena are wonderfully adapted to fulfill their niche within their environment. With some of the strongest jaws, pound for pound within the animal kingdom, able to produce a biting force of roughly 1,200 PSI.

Just to put that in perspective, We humans have a biting force of around 200 PSI………..

I was delighted to be able to show my guests another side of these misunderstood creatures when I came across a den occupied by a mother and her two cubs.

The cubs were extremely inquisitive and very playful. Mum was the model of tolerance as the cubs clambered all over her and made use of her ears as a chew toy.

I could see my guests light up as they watched these tender moments between mother and young hopefully changing their opinion of these wonderful beasts for good.


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