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A few weeks ago I did a privately guided photo safari in the Chobe.

Just before that Andrew also did the same and this post he gives a great account of what a trip like this consists of.

The amazing flexibility of a dedicated photographic boat and the laid back luxury of a houseboat and lodge is without a doubt the best way to experience and photograph the Chobe.

We set out with a few images in mind and it was awesome to see Simon get all the shots he had hoped for before the trip.  I think one of the reasons this was possible is because in the Chobe you do not go around specifically looking for Big 5.

The focus on these kind of trips is a holistic wildlife photography experience which will give you the opportunity to not only photograph the wide range of birds and scenes but also the incredibly amounts of game on the banks of the river and this will inevitably also include members of the Big 5.

Here is a selection of Simons’s images from the trip!

[gdl_gallery title=”simon-chobe” width=”125″ height=”125″ ]

I’m back in the Chobe next year but if you are keen to head up there before then make sure to check out our 2014 departure dates or contact me for a private guided experience.

Thanks Simon!  Was great spending photographic time with you!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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