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Images from Svalbard

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Svalbard is a place that defies explanation and sitting down to do a trip report for an experience that is without a doubt a personal highlight of my annual safari calendar is always quite a challenging exercise.

In the past I’ve done a day by day video diary to show you what it’s like.

I’ve done posts in which I only share images taken with my iPhone to show you that it’s not about the gear you use.

I’ve done the standard day by day trip reports to try and share as much images as possible and to try and show you what a quintessential bucket list experience is all about.

After a whirlwind few weeks since leaving Longyearbyen I am finally back in the Wild Eye office for a few weeks and it’s time for me to catch up on trip reports and blog posts.  As I sat down to start writing this post I honestly had no idea where to start.  None.

I could do a day by day trip report to show you what you could expect to experience in Svalbard.

I could tell you that there really is nothing out there that compares to the overwhelming place that is Spitsbergen.

I could tell you that the diversity of photographic opportunities is almost indescribable.

I could tell you that after this completely immersive photographic experience you will leave a better photographer regardless of your level of expertise when boarding the boat.

I could tell you that, cool as they are, there is so much more than just polar bears to photograph.

I could tell you that you will share life changing moments that will remain with you years after you say goodbye to amazing new friends.

I could tell you all these things and more.

But I decided not to.

Instead I’m simply going to share image galleries from the people who joined me in Svalbard a few weeks ago to show you the diversity, the beauty and the incredible place that is Svalbard.  On the last evening of the expedition we all met in the lounge on board the M/S Stockholm, shared a few drinks and looked through these galleries not only as a look back at the amazing moments we shared but to celebrate the unique photographic nature of a trip to Svalbard.

Even now I can look at any of these images and recall the exact moment when it was taken and how we worked on the the images in the lounge while sharing many laughs.

Isn’t that what photography really should be about?

I could carry on and wax lyrical about how much I personally enjoyed the trip and how the feedback from all the guests were totally humbling and very special to read.   But I’m not going to.

As a look back to a wonderful 2017 Wild Eye Svalbard Expedition I give you an amazing collection of images from an amazing shared experience.

Images from Svalbard












I could tell you there are very, very few places where you will see such an amazing and completely diverse collection of images after trip.

But you can probably see that.

I could tell you that Svalbard is a definitive photographic bucket list destination.

But you probably already knew that.

I could tell you that you should click here to join me on out 2018 Svalbard Expedition.

And I really hope you do!

Until next time.


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