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We are very pleased to announce the return of our series – #BeInspiredBy and look forward to seeing all the entries. It is a great opportunity in which YOU can showcase your images and share it with others as well as the Wild Eye Community.

We thought we would kick it off with Big Cats which is a popular theme that everyone enjoys. Going forward, we will be posting the new theme every second Thursday and will publish a blog with all of YOUR images the following Monday.

It is always great to see the variations in the way each individual interprets the theme and we look forward to seeing more of the same over the coming weeks in the series.

Here is this weeks selection of images. Hope you all enjoy them and thank you so much for the engagement and sending in your own images. If you would like to be a part of the #BeInspiredBy series, head over to our Facebook page and send in some of your images!

YOUR images:

Sabrina Piatti – My first time seeing lions on rocks on this year‘s Serengeti safari.

Leslie Tocher – Say hello to Tiyani …. Sabi Sands gorgeous resident putting on a show for the cameras.

Joni Munsterteiger – Big Cats My hero! What a survivor & warrior! Scar! Love him!

Manuel Graf – Female Leopard hiding between the mopane leafs.

Rachel Tobias – Warthogged

Donna McEachan – Lion pride in The Serengeti. The female had just returned from an unsuccessful hunt.

Sallie Anthony – Stop giving me the needle! (Leopard with his porcupine in Madikwe)


Callum Evans – Do you know what happens to people who wake me up?

Ann Cameron – I am looking at you

Sam Koschi- Bathed in golden light right after sunrise, so peaceful – Taken in the Kruger National Park

Amee Vermeulen Be Inspired By

Ameé Vermeulen – Observation – ‘the ability to notice things, especially significant details’.

Kerry Mills – “Don’t even think about drinking from my pond…… be gone with you”

Sydney Shema – A lion cub peeks through the dense bush where it was resting with its pride after feasting on a huge buffalo! Seen in Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Mario Paul – Looking for a Golden Hunting Opportunity…

Tyrone Rea – Juvenile lioness greets the new day.

From our guides:

Johan Van Zyl - Wild Eye - Be Inspired By

One of the most recognizable and powerful male lions – Scar

Andrew Beck - Wild Eye - Be Inspired By

A dominant force

Michael Laubscher - Wild Eye - Be Inspired By

Beauty in the trees

Trevor McCall-Peat - Wild Eye - Be Inspired By

Stalk mode

Alistair Smith - Wild Eye - Londolozi

Confident and Powerful

Gerry Van Der Walt - Wild Eye - Be Inspired By

A lioness showing her teeth in the Madikwe Game Reserve

Tigers of India

It looks like we are off to a great start in the #BeInspiredBy series – the next theme will be posted next week Thursday, keep an eye open for it and be sure to send your entries in. What will the next theme be? You will have to wait and find out!

Until next time,


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Having Grown up in White River which then was a small town in the Lowveld, I have had an inner burning desire to pursue my passion and love for wildlife. From a young age I was guided by my family who shares the same passion for the natural world as I do. Frequently visiting wilderness areas from a young age instilled a deep craving to explore and learn more about the bush. Once I left school I began my journey to becoming a guide and following my dream. I have been a field guide for the past 9 years, starting out in the Western Cape and then returning to the lowveld where I spent my last 4 years spend at Londolozi Game Reserve where I gained invaluable experience and had the opportunity to learn about myself as an individual. Through my love for wildlife it has kick started my passion for photography and has allowed me to grow and pursue it as a career. Combining an array of different elements such as safaris, photography, being one with nature and sharing experiences with others is something I have really enjoyed doing and looking forward to continuing it on this new and exciting chapter.

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  1. Callum Evans

    Wow, everyone’s photos are amazing!! Thank you so much for including my photo, it’s almost surreal seeing one of my photos on a Wild Eye blog post!! It’s really special!

    1. Post
      Trevor McCall-Peat

      Hi Callum,

      Its a pleasure, thank you so much for taking the time to submit your images. We look forward to seeing what you submit for the next theme.
      Have a great day.

      Kind regards,


  2. MJ Bradley

    Gorgeous photos one and all! Thank you for putting this together, it is such a pleasure to see the animals from the perspective of different people.

    1. Post
      Trevor McCall-Peat

      Hi MJ,

      Thank you very much for the feed back. It is always great seeing all the different variations and interpretations of the theme.



  3. Hali Sowle

    Wow what gorgeous, varied and inspiring images. Seeing them makes me even more excited to come with you on Safari next year!

    1. Post
      Trevor McCall-Peat

      Hi Hali,

      Thank you for the kind words and cannot wait to have you on safari with us next year.

      Kind regards,


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