Be Inspired By – Birds in Flight

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Every single wildlife photographer has tried photographing birds in flight. There are many ways to capture these incredible creatures and these past few days have been dedicated to your images of them.

So without further ado…

Be Inspired By: Birds in Flight

Bethany ogdon

Image by: Bethany Ogdon

Arctic tern patrolling above her nest on a gloomy summer’s evening in Longyearbyen (Svalbard).

This was one of my first attempts at blurring the image intentionally and I like how the open beak shows through the blurred feathers of the tern’s wing.



Image by: Christy Grinton

I stood under this tree for quite awhile at Okaukuejo in Etosha National Park trying to get a shot of these Sociable Weavers fighting over the nesting sight. They were very interesting to watch and shoot. Just one of the great experiences we had on SafariWise Namibia.


Nick Rabjohn

Image by: Nick Rabjohn


Lisl Moolman

Image by: Lisl Moolman

Pied Kingfisher hovering above the water. Although the eyes are not visible, this image freezes the effort of the fishing process from an angle not ordinarily captured. Sable dam, Kruger Park.


Chris du Plessis

Image by: Chris du Plessis

An Egyptian Goose takes off from the Sabie River into the late afternoon sunlight.
Her blurring wings, blending with the ferns in the background coupled with the glistening water droplets added movement to the shot.


Rosemary Clarke

Image by: Rosemary Clarke

A black headed oriel in E.Cape after flying ants.


Gavin Roeloftz

Image by: Gavin Roelofsz – submitted by Dee Roelofsz – Through My Lens

Gavin’s award winning “fluke” shot as he puts it, of the Pin-tailed Wydah taken in Marievale Bird Sanctuary.

HAVE to enter this one on behalf of my hubby as I still think it is one of the best birds in flight shots I have on my page, even though it’s not mine……..LOL!!

It was the first (& last) time he picked up my spare camera & decided to try his hand at photography & this was the result!


Fred von Winckelmann

Image by: Fred von Winckelmann

A peek through the reeds while on a boat in the Okavango Delta shows a Yellow-billed Egret taking off from a colony of different kind of Egrets and Storks.


Bethany Ogdon1

Image by: Bethany Ogdon

Arctic tern surveying the realm.

I had never seen an Arctic tern before going to Svalbard and I wasn’t immediately particularly interested in them (polar bears were the order of the day!); however, I came to really like these birds and became rather obsessed with trying to photograph them in flight. This is one of the few photographs I took in which the tern’s eye clearly stands out from its black cap of feathers.


Kai Stuwe

Image by: Kai Stuewe

African Fish Eagle @ Chobe National Park


Thanks to everybody who shared their images this week.  I hope to see more of your images in future.

Make sure to check out the Wild Eye Facebook page for more images and stay tuned for the next Be Inspired By theme!


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