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Last week’s Be Inspired By theme was Close Ups.

There were some truly spectacular images sent through for this theme and each week the number of entries keeps on growing.

Once again, it is great to see everyones different perspectives and interpretations of the theme.

So without further ado, here are this weeks entries…

From YOU:

Karina Robin – A shot taken in Timbavati last year,
the elephant was feeding calmly, a wonderfully relaxed moment. I was intrigued to show the dent in the master tusk.

Joni Munsterteiger – I love this Coyote that was taken in Yellowstone National Park because of the different textures/colors weaving in and out of it’s fur. I also liked the reeds that seemed to be “dancing” around him! And in the center those mezmerizing eyes!

Damon Koskin – Male lion captured while taking a nap on one of Kruger’s most popular roads. Found him while heading out the park via Crocodile Bridge. Decided to set up camera on a beanbag and wait for his golden eyes to open. He was not at all interested in all the cars postitioned around him and so a wink was all I got before having to leave for Joburg.

Nancy Clark Anderson – I took this picture last week at Tswalu in the Kalahari on a private safari with Wild Eye. This little meerkat popped his head up next to me. He had been cleaning his house with his nose.

Mandeep Mistry – clicked at Ranthambore National Park, India, this park is renowned for its healthy Tiger population, however one can find thousands of beautiful Peafowls such as this! This handsome one came close enough to allow me click a portrait in nice golden light.

Jill Vogt – Lions near the Sand River

Sallie Anthony – Madikwe….. Elephants feet. Another beautiful body part of this creature. They amaze me , knowing the weight that they carry.

Dhruti Mistry – Portrait of a Yellow Baboon… I loved the play of light and shadows on his face complimented by his piercing gaze!

Teresa Da Fonseca

Callum Evans – one of the resident spotted eagle owls at Kirstenbosch that I’ve been photographing for 5 years.

Martha A. Myers – During a recent safari in Lake Nakuru with Mike, all the animals seemed so accommodating, including a female ostrich quite near the vehicle. I took as many closeups of her feathers as possible, and through the miracle of Lightroom, transformed bedraggled plumage into a featherbed soft enough to lie down on.

Dee Roelofsz – Taken late afternoon today on the S40 near Satara in Kruger National Park.
A young male Cheetah on a fresh impala kill. The light was gorgeous as the sun was going down & I wanted to capture the blood on his whiskers which was lit up in that instant by the sun behind him.

Lisa Stanley – A close up of the relatively angry looking eye of the Yellow-billed Hornbill.

Angele Roublard – I’m very fortunate to work & live in the bush. I truly enjoy photographing wildlife. As a guide, am intrigued by their camouflage, behavior and movement. This female leopard may have turned away from our guests cameras but I didn’t let it stop me from admiring & photographing her every detail.

From the Wild Eye Guides:

Andrew Beck – Male lion close up

Gerry van der Walt – A lioness showing her teeth in the Madikwe Game Reserve

Michael Laubscher – Textures

Trevor McCall-Peat – A gentle soul

marlon du toit, wild eye, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, ndutu, photo safari

Marlon du Toit – A dazzle of black and white

Alistair - Wild Eye - Madikwe Gallery

Alistair Smith – A close up of a young lion in Madikwe.

Thats a wrap for this weeks be inspired by theme. Once again thank you to everyone who took the time to enter their images, Some really great entries.

Until next time,


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Having Grown up in White River which then was a small town in the Lowveld, I have had an inner burning desire to pursue my passion and love for wildlife. From a young age I was guided by my family who shares the same passion for the natural world as I do. Frequently visiting wilderness areas from a young age instilled a deep craving to explore and learn more about the bush. Once I left school I began my journey to becoming a guide and following my dream. I have been a field guide for the past 9 years, starting out in the Western Cape and then returning to the lowveld where I spent my last 4 years spend at Londolozi Game Reserve where I gained invaluable experience and had the opportunity to learn about myself as an individual. Through my love for wildlife it has kick started my passion for photography and has allowed me to grow and pursue it as a career. Combining an array of different elements such as safaris, photography, being one with nature and sharing experiences with others is something I have really enjoyed doing and looking forward to continuing it on this new and exciting chapter.


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  1. Shazmeen

    This is amazing. How do I find out what your next theme will be and how do i submit pictures? Is there a theme for every week?

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      Trevor McCall-Peat

      Hi Shazmeen,

      The be inspired by series runs every second week and the theme is posted on the Thursday of that week on the Wild EyeSA Facebook page. We also include how it works and how you can submit your own images.
      When you see the post on Facebook, you can add your image in the comments section, tag us, use the hashtag #BeInspiredBy and give your image a caption. The following Monday we select a few of the images submitted and publish them in a blog.

      Kind regards,


  2. Mandeep Mistry

    Thanks Trevor for featuring my upload! You guys are simply amazing and we really love and feel inspired by your work

  3. Dee Roelofsz

    What an incredible collection of images, wow!! Have to admit that I am a real sucker for close ups as I love the details they reveal.

    Thanks so much for selecting my Cheetah image for inclusion in the Close Ups theme week Trevor! Apologies for the late response as we have only just got back from our 3 weeks in Kruger which was truly awesome 🙂

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