Be Inspired By: Depth of Field

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The importance of Depth of Field in an image cannot be underestimate.

Not only does the use of it help create striking images, but it is an aspect in your photography that you have complete control over and affects how you portray your subject and tell the story in the image.

Tomorrow’s Be Inspired By theme is Depth of Field.

Share with us your best image that shows depth of field, and let us know why you chose to capture your image the way you did. How did the use of depth of field add to the reading of your image? Did it at all?

Let us know!

How do you become a part of our Be Inspired By themes that run every Friday?

It’s this easy:

  • Each Thursday we will announce a theme which could range from destinations and species to various photography techniques.
  • You then have from Friday until Monday morning to post your images on the Wild Eye Facebook page along with whatever info you would like to include.
  • Throughout the day on Friday the Wild Eye team will share their own images along with some thoughts or background on the image.
  • On Monday we will then post a selection of images from the Facebook to the NEW video Be Inspired By sessions along with some thoughts on why we like them!
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It’s easy, great fun and a wonderful way to share mages and experiences.
[space height=”20″] So get your images ready to share with us tomorrow and Be Inspired By: Depth of Field!
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