Be Inspired By: East Africa

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For this week’s Be Inspired By theme we asked you to share East Africa images.

This destination is one that has inspired many writers, filmmakers, photographers and more by its utter beauty and diversity. And there is no question as to why.

Here are our 5 favourite images from last week!

Be Inspired by: East Africa

Anne - Katrin Gerner AKG Photographie‎

Image by Anne – Katrin Gerner AKG Photographie

“East Africa is the home of the the big tuskers under the roof of Africa. Seeing this scenery in reality and you will fall in love. Fall in love in East Africa´s wildlife.”


Rae Jensan

Image by Rae Jensan

There’s nothing quite like floating over the Masai Mara in a hot air balloon!”


CArol Bell

Image by Carol Bell

“Top Of Kili : Taken in August 2006 with my first ever camera a Canon 350D and 18-55mm lens. In those days I did not know much about photography only wish I had know about RAW format.
Sadly this ten thousand year old glacier is slowly melting. I feel so privileged to have seen it.”


Bethany Ogdon

Image by Bethany Ogdon

“Typically, “circle of life” photographs focus on kills. This image captures another aspect of the “circle of life” as it plays out along the Mara River during the Great Migration.”


Brian Everitt

Image by Brian Everitt

“Mt. Kilimanjaro.”


Thanks to everybody who shared their images this week!  Awesome to again see so many great images of East Africa.

Make sure to check out the Wild Eye Facebook page for more images and stay tuned for the next Be Inspired By theme!


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