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Seeing as Wild Eye Ambassador Morkel Erasmus is currently in the Chobe hosting one of our Chobe Photo Safaris, we thought it we would dedicate this theme on of the mammals that he and his guests will be seeing and photographing a lot!

It’s name deriving from ancient Greece, this ‘River Horse’ is a well-known herbivore that is found inhabiting many African rivers.

While the hippo does indeed look like a shy creature mixed with an inquisitive nature, this is one African animal that must not be disregarded.

Fiercely territorial and aggressive, this mammal ranks one of the most dangerous in the world.

This one aspect highly contributes to the reason why photographers long to photograph hippos and find them incredibly interesting subjects. Add the fact that they are mostly found to some degree in water, adds to the dynamic quality and photographic opportunities that they present to us.

What kind of creature does the hippo represent to you?

How do your images portray and present this ‘river horse’ to your viewers?


We look forward to seeing and sharing your images today!

Penny Robartes

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