Be Inspired By: Your Holiday, South Africa and Depth of Field Top 5

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Get a nice big cup of coffee, or what ever else is your preferred beverage, and get ready for the combined Top 5 from Be Inspired By: Your Holiday, South Africa and Depth of Field!

Due to the the wonderful technological mishaps that one sometimes stumbles over, we are presenting all the 2014 themes so far in one post as our (well, my one that is…) video software was not wanting to play nice.

Do not worry! We will be posting the Be Inspired By Top 5 as a video chat, but until then, a blog post it is.

Are you relaxed and ready?


Let’s begin…

Be Inspired By: Your Holiday – Top 5

Anne-Katrin Gerner | Facebook

Fred von Winckelmann | Facebook

Rowena Robartes | Facebook

Fabian Gieske | Facebook

Chad Wright | Facebook

Be Inspired By: South Africa – Top 5

Linda Venter | Facebook

Colin Michaelis | Facebook

Bradley van der Westhuizen | Facebook

Artur Cabral | Facebook

Veronica De Bruyn | Facebook

Be Inspired By: Depth of Field – Top 10

Alex Freire | Facebook

Carol Bell | Facebook

Christophe Schmid | Facebook

Dan Pawson | Facebook

David Plowchalk | Facebook

 sand dunes

Ekke Aandiestrand | Facebook

Grayson Dicks weaver

Grayson Dicks | Facebook

Jonathan Bryant | Facebook

Kyle de Nobrega | Facebook

Renier Meyer | Facebook

I hope you have enjoyed the range of images show in this post!

Keep an eye out on our Blog page as we will be posting Friday’s theme on tomorrow!

Penny Robartes

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