Be Inspired By: Hyenas

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Misunderstood by many, Hyenas are incredible animals both from a social interaction and photography point of view.

This last weekend we asked you to share your Hyena images on our Facebook page as a part of the weekly Be Inspired By posts.  This is always a very popular theme and can I reiterate how hard a task it is to choose 10 images?

Once you have looked through the images below I urge you to take a moment to go and check out all the other images that were shared and then also check out more of the work of the photographers featured below.  Isn’t that what online sharing is all about?

So, here goes with a great collection of the unmistakable, Hyena images!

Be Inspired By: Hyenas

Nick Rabjohn

Image by Nick Rabjohn

We had a 14 day Trip to the Kgalagadi and had very few sightings which is unusual. We we leaving on our last day from Nossob and spotted this Brown Hyena taking its kill back to the den.

Jon Bryant
Something a little different. This young hyena came so close to the vehicle I decided to try a different angle…
Ngala Private Game Reserve, South Africa 
Eldie Marshall
Image by Eldie Marshall
This photo was taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia . The Hyena had made a kill and was protecting it from a Jackal who was doing its best to scavenge part of the carcass. I was on tour with SafariWise Namibia.
Holly Cheese
Image by Hilary Cheese
It was first light in Timbavati and for a fleeting moment these two hyenas moved into perfect alignment and allowed me to capture what is one of my favourite hyena photographs. That week we spent a lot of time at this den and these animals became a firm favourite of mine.
Massimo da Silva
Image by Massimo Da Silva
Hyenas Had the privilege of spending some time with three brown hyena’s in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve. This youngster loved being photographed and posed for some images. 
Shayne McGuire
Image by Shayne McGuire
Many mouths to feed; Image was taken in Amboseli toward the end of the day. The pups had been sleeping until the mature hyenas arrived.
Leigh Eggers 2
Image by Leigh Eggers
This was taken early on a Saturday morning in iMfolozi in May this year. A giraffe had died on the Tuesday in a fight with another male giraffe and a small pride of lions found the body on the Wednesday morning, and fed on it for about 4 days. By the Saturday there were at least 15 to 20 hyenas hanging around trying to get what they could.
The 2 young male lions of the pride kept chasing them away which created some nice action and dust. A bit of a difficult shot in terms of exposure as the sun was rising directly behind them but it did provide an opportunity to try something different and get back-lighting for a change. I quite like the mood it created.
Michelle Sutton
Image by Michelle Sutton
Masai Mara, Kenya
Sherry Mckelvie
Image by Sherry Mckelvie
Photographed in the Ngorongoro Crater with Marlon du Toit.
Leigh Eggers
Image by Leigh Eggers
I sat at a waterhole in Kruger for a few hours one afternoon and these hyenas were there most of the time lying around. When they got up to drink and a giraffe walked in front of my vehicle, it provided a different frame for the hyenas. Just something a little different…

Thanks to everybody who shared their images this week.  Hope to see more of your images in future.

Make sure to check out the Wild Eye Facebook page for more images and stay tuned for the next Be Inspired By theme!


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