Be Inspired By: Leopards Top 10 Images

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Our ‘Be Inspired By’ theme on the Wild Eye Facebook Page on Friday 27 September 2013 was ‘Leopards′.

Thanks to everyone for sharing such a great variety of images!

We believe in sharing our images and passions with like-minded people, and it is fantastic when people share their images with others and comment on other people’s images. Getting the photographic community together is always a great thing to see.

We at Wild Eye would love to thank everyone for their submissions for this theme. Each week we will be choosing our top 5 most inspirational images from the previous week’s “Be Inspired By” theme.

With the large amount of images shared onto our page, we will be making this post a top 10 of our most inspirational images from last weeks “Be Inspired By: Leopards″.

So without further ado, here is our Be Inspired By: Leopards Top 10 Images!

Be Inspired By: Leopards Top 10

Keith Connelly | Facebook

Alistair Swartz | Facebook

Karen Gautet | Facebook

Janet Zinn | Facebook

Gavin Tonkinson | Facebook

Arend Van Der Walt | Facebook

Andy Lowe | Facebook

Adam Kotze | Facebook

Tristan Dicks | Facebook

Anthony Goldman | Facebook

Keep an eye on the Wild Eye Facebook Page for updates on the theme for this weeks “Be Inspired By” feature and share your images with us!

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