Be Inspired By: Paws, Claws and Teeth

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Wild Eye’s Be Inspired By series of posts takes place on the Wild Eye Facebook page every Friday.

It works like this:

  • Each week we select a different theme which could range from destinations and species to photography techniques.
  • Throughout the day the Wild Eye team will share their own images with some thoughts on the image.
  • You can get in on the action by posting your own Be Inspired By images to the Wild Eye page and we will share it with our community
  • You can share your images on Twitter and Instagram using the #BeInspiredBy and #WildEyeSA hash tags too!
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It’s easy, great fun and a wonderful way to share some great wildlife images!

Tomorrow’a theme is Paws, Claws and TeethLet’s get up close and personal and show everyone the true aspects of these animals that demand respect, create admiration and awe and inspire fear in those unlucky enough to get in their path.[space height=”20″]
The animal’s paws, claws or teeth must be the dominant part in the frame.[space height=”20″]
Be inspired, share your images with us tomorrow and add where you were when you took your image as we would love to find out!
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[space height=”20″] Dont miss out on the opportunity of sharing your images and seeing what everyone else has to offer!

We look forward to seeing your Be Inspired By images!

Penny Robartes

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