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A predator is an organism that eats another organism. The prey is the organism which the predator eats.

Although this is a occurrence that many people do not like capturing and viewing, it is part of the circle of life and enables life to carry on moving forward and thriving.

There was a great variety of depictions from predator subjects to depictions of the predator and prey interaction shared throughout the weekend which made compiling this top 10 list very hard!

Be Inspired By – Predator & Prey Top 10

Image by: Kai Stuewe

Leopard with impala kill @ Sabi Sand Game Reserve.


Image by: MG-Naturepics Photography

Wild Dogs of Moremi, killing an Impala.


Image by: Fred von Winckelmann

Caught one of the Savute male lions starting to eat from an elephant carcass that the pride left him one November morning. In contrast to the harsh ways of nature are his almost friendly tender looking eyes.


Image by: Petri Ackermann Wildlife Photography

Leopardess of the Etosha National Park being spotted by a springbuck.


Image by: Miguel Anton

A male lesser kestrel returns home after sunrise with a freshly caught mouse… the poor rodent would end feeding the tiny hungry kestrel chicks under the rooftops: the tough circle of life! Picture taken in western Spain.


Image by: Rae Jensan

Last year at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve we had been hot on the tracks of the Nottens female since before sunset. We found her on the prowl in the block when two hyenas showed up out of nowhere and she ran off.

It took us awhile to find her again. We could tell by the tracks she was still in the block but after dark it was challenging to locate her again. Suddenly we came upon impala a few meters to our right and stopped the vehicle to look around and they alarmed and there was commotion all around us—impala running everywhere and alarming. In all the comotion she had attacked and taken one down literally right across the front end of our vehicle and made the kill right off the left side of the road as shown here.

It was incredible to see it all and we were literally right in the middle of it.
Unfortunately the smartie pants hyenas had heard the commotion and while she tried to drag the kill into the thicket and start feeding, it was too big and heavy and she was too tired (not enough time to rest) and they found her within a few minutes and stole it from her. And that’s a whole other part of the story and pictures.


Image by: Lisl Moolman


Image by: Jon Bryant Photography

This image is a good example of why you should always have your camera with you and ready to go. Whilst waiting to go on drive, a Goshawk flew into the main lodge area with its prey, an African Tree Squirrel. I gingerly advanced forward as the Goshawk was about 200m away and I had a 70-200mm lens with me. Once I got within range I just got this one shot, before the Goshawk took off with its prey.

Taken at Leadwood River Lodge, Sabi Sands.


Image by: Bethany Ogdon

Wildebeest watch as a Nile croc makes off up the Mara river with one of their colleagues.


Image by: Chris du Plessis

Our eye struggles to find the prey…in this silhouette shot of a young leopard in a tree in the KNP.


Thanks to everybody who shared their images this week.  I hope to see more of your images in future.

Make sure to check out the Wild Eye Facebook page for more images and stay tuned for the next Be Inspired By theme!


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  1. Miguel Antón

    Wow! What an honour to have my kestrel shot among the top 10… and what an awesome set of pictures!! Each and every one is mind-blowing, thanks a lot WildEye for broadcasting the beauty of Africa and the world in such an awe-inspiring way!!! It certainly changes the way I see the world 😉

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