Be Inspired By: Sabi Sands and Greater Kruger

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Last week’s Be Inspired By theme was focused on the amazing Sabi Sands and Greater Kruger areas in South Africa.

If you don’t know how it works, every Friday we post the theme, along with a number of images from the Wild Eye team, to the Facebook page and then it’s over to you guys to share YOUR images.  The following Monday we will then post a number of our favourite images on the blog.

It was very tough choosing our favourites this week as there were so many amazing images so when you’re done looking through the images below why not visit the various photographers Facebook pages and check out more of their work?

Right, let’s get to it.

Here are our 10 favourite images from last week!

Be Inspired By:  Sabi Sands and Greater Kruger


Image by Nick Rabjohn

“This image was taken in the late afternoon in a concession adjacent to Orpen Camp. The young mother leopard had made an Impala kill for her cubs. As we approached the skittish cubs ran off and this youngster climbed to the very top of the tree to observe us”

* * *


Image by About the Bush

Enjoyed sitting at a hide and experimenting with panning and blurring techniques this weekend. Had the Wild Eye app open next to me for helpful tips and guidance smile emoticon Lots of throw away photos but a few creative shots that I really like. Need to practice loads more!”

* * *


Image by Naomi Stolow

“In the Sabi Sands last December I saw a family of hyena pop out from an old termite mound to enjoy the evening sun. I love looking at paws in general, and these paws seemed to tell the story of how strong and tough she must be. Can’t wait to get back to the Kruger very soon!”

* * *


Image by Jon Bryant Photography

“4 Wild Dogs crossing the Sand river after a Bishbuck hunt and kill. They all have bloodied faces and are heading back to the pups to share the feed.  When I took the aerial shot of the Sand river I submitted earlier, I never imagined a sighting like this let alone taking an image like this!  Tech: Canon 7D, 70-200mm f2.8 with a 1.4X extender at 140mm f4, 1/125 ISO 1000 (it was dusk with very little light!)”

* * *


Image by Petri Ackermann Wildlife Photography

“Beautiful female leopard of the Kruger National Park. In the fork of a sausage tree with the sun rising behind her.”

* * *


Image by Douglas Croft Images

“I didn’t go to the Kruger Park to take pictures of birds, but I changed my mind when I saw my first lilac-breasted roller!”

* * *


Image by Douglas Croft Images

“This young cheetah was the last of a coalition of four crossing the plain in Kruger. He was distracted and fell behind the others. Once he realized he’d been left, he raced to catch up with them and I caught him nicely with a slow shutter pan.”

* * *


Image by Simon Beevers

“Taken at Shimuwini bushveld camp. An amazing camp with a fantastic view of the river.”

* * *


Image by Chris du Plessis

“We loved being stuck in this “traffic jam”, along the Ntwatimhiri Road in the KNP.  A few family groups had joined up,and seemed to be using the road as their private thoroughfare!  Their elephantine waddling, viewed from behind,kept us enthralled for nearly an hour!!  Image taken using a Canon 5D mark III, 1/250 sec at f10, focal length 310mm, ISO3200.”

* * *


Image by Wild About The Wild

“This female ostrich, along with several other males, were feeding in an open area. As I was photographing her, she decided to scratch herself by extending her neck and curling her feathers. I found this pose to be fairly “unnatural” and therefore preferred to add an artistic touch by converting it to B&W.”

* * *

Thanks to everybody who shared their images this week!  Awesome to see so many great pics of one of Africa’s most famous conservation areas.

Make sure to check out the Wild Eye Facebook page for more images and stay tuned for the next Be Inspired By theme!

Until next time.


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