Be Inspired By Waterbirds: Top 5 Images

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Last week’s Be Inspired By theme was Waterbirds and we received some great images from around the world on our Facebook Page – thanks to everyone that participated!

This feature is proving to be really popular and inspirational, so much so that one of our fans wrote a blog post on how he is benefiting and finding a home in our online community. If for some reason you have been too afraid to participate in our be Inspired By feature, go and give Jon Bryant’s blog a read – it will hopefully change your mind and encourage you to join us!

So, here are our top 5 images for this week (in no particular order):

BIB Goby Skua

Goby Skua | Facebook 

BIB Jeremy Goss


Jeremy Goss | Facebook

BIB Rudi

Rudi Van Den Heever | Facebook

BIB Sheila's Africa

Sheila’s Africa | Facebook

BIB Vijay

Vijay Gangolli | Facebook

Keep an eye out on our Blog page as we will be posting Friday’s theme on Thursday!

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