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Wild Eye is about more than just amazing experiences, great nature photography and having fun.

It’s about people, about community, about sharing!

All of the above relies on communication and we remain committed to keep on sharing our visual journey with you not only on trips and real life connections, but also on the various social networks that form such an integral part of today’s communications and digital world.

Social media and information sharing is one of the cornerstones Wild Eye is based on and makes it possible for us and all our Ambassadors to share images, tutorials, trip updates and so much more with you on a regular basis.

There Are Many Ways in Which You Can Join the Wild Eye Conversation

Yes, we do send out a monthly newsletter which you can sign up for on the right side of this screen but there are so much more exciting ways in which we can stay in touch, start conversations and share the magical experiences that go together with wildlife & nature photography.

Social media is always new, funky and fresh – as we would like to believe we are – so grab your mobile phone, start up your desktop and check out all the different ways in which you can connect and engage with Wild Eye!

Wild Eye on Facebook

The Wild Eye Facebook page is a veritable wildlife photography information hub where you will find the latest news from the Photo Chat blog, links to interesting content, and updates on forthcoming events.  The page gets updated on a daily basis so make sure to check it out to make sure you don’t miss out!

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Wild Eye on Google Plus

We only started to play around with Google Plus recently but it is a great platform with amazing possibilities.  Check out our G+ page and then keep your eyes open for wildlife photography inspired sharing and Wild Eye Ambassador hosted Hangouts in the not too distant future!

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Wild Eye on Twitter

Twitter is quick, always fresh, and the perfect platform to share shot bits of information and links to blogs and other interesting information.  The Wild Eye Twitter feed includes great info and links on wildlife, photography, and everything in between so follow our feed to stay on top of the need-to-know info.  The #wildeyesa hashtag will again be your one stop search phrase for great content!

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Wild Eye on YouTube

There is no denying that video is a part of the online experience, and on the Wild Eye YouTube channel you will find Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials as well as other nature inspired videos.  You can view our old channel here and then make sure to subscribe to the new channel for all the fresh content.

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SHare your Instagram Images with Wild Eye

Instagram is awesome and a great way to share images on the go. One of the newest additions to our social sharing is the #wildeyesa hashtag that you can use when sharing your nature and wildlife images and they will be showcased on the Wild Eye Facebook page.  We think it’s pretty cool!

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Connect With The Wild Eye Team

Now as you will have seen from the blog posts all the Wild Eye Ambassadors contribute to Wild Eye’s online sharing community and conversations.  Not only does this make for a wonderfully wide range of expertise and knowledge base but you get to listen and converse with more than just one person, making for a great platform to learn and share experiences.

Below is a link to each of the Wild Eye Ambassadors favourite social platform and where you can most easily get hold of them.

Gerry van der Walt on Twitter


Andrew Beck on Facebook


Morkel Erasmus Photography on Facebook


Andrew Aveley Photography on Facebook


Marlon du Toit Photography on Facebook


Mark Dumbleton Photography on Facebook


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Whether you are looking for answers to your photographic questions or you just wanna see some cracking wildlife images, make sure to hook up with all the guys online.

Yes, it’ll be worth it!

Care for a cup of coffee?

Social media is a great way of sharing and monthly newsletters will keep you updated on what is going on but there is nothing quite like getting to know each other and chatting photography face to face over a cup of coffee.

The Wild Eye office is conveniently situated in the Design Quarter on the corner of William Nicol and Leslie and shows our new, fresh approach to the photography travel industry, and is also where all our lectures and presentations take place.

When you are next in the area please feel free to pop in to the office for a cup of coffee – Vida E Caffe is downstairs and make really good cappuccino!

Wild Eye Office, Fourways, South Africa

So there you have it!

Wild Eye is about community, sharing and people so join the conversation and let us help to Change the Way You See the World!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. DC Professional Headshots

    This is fabulous! I’m thrilled to have come across this site! I’m a photographer who has married a South African from PMB. We were married in Franschhoek. We currently live in Washington DC though. I have a very special place in my heart for all the photography I take in SA. Cant wait to follow this blog!

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