Judging the Final Round of the 2012 Nature Photography Competition

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After 12 months and some truly amazing entries, 36 images made it through to the finals of the 2012 Wild Eye Nature Photography Competition.

This morning all of these images stood an equal chance of winning one of the amazing prizes on offer with first prize being a photo safari for two to the Great Migration later this year.

With so many fantastic images on show it was imperative that the judging process be as simple yet fair as possible.  The first step was to get 5 judges, all with their own expertise and photographic knowledge, so at 10:00 this morning the following 5 people grabbed a cup of coffee and settled in to start judging the images:

  • Andrew Beck
  • Gerry van der Walt
  • Greg du Toit
  • Jono Buffey
  • Penny Robartes
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With so many factors playing a part in making an image unique we made sure that the judging process was as easy as possible and that it took all the various technical and artistic aspects of photography into account.

Wild Eye - Photographic Safaris

Wild Eye - Photographic Safaris

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The first step was to, in no particular order, number the images from 1 to 36 and no image names or name of the photographer was included in the details.

These images were then projected onto the big screen in the Wild Eye office and each judge then scored the images based on a set of criteria which included:

  • Sharpness / Clarity
  • Effective use of depth of field
  • Use of light
  • Overal technical quality
  • Composition
  • Use of color and lines
  • Artistic bonus
  • Subject Matter
  • Judge’s Bonus
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Each of the above was given  a score of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 by each of the judges.  By using these numbers and the fact that there were 5 judges made it unlikely that we end up with too many tied scores.

None of the scores or images were discussed during the entire process and only once the entire process was completed and the judging sheets were handed in did we discuss our thoughts on the various images and which ones we thought might make it to the top three.

So, the judging is done and the last step is to send the results to be validated and the final results will be released on Friday – make sure to stay tuned!

Before we wrap it up here is a short video with the judges’ thoughts on the judging process and their thoughts on whether they have a favourite image.

The images are spectacular and the winners sorted so make sure to stay tuned for the final announcement!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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