Kafue & The Busanga Plains : Short Video

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My trip to the Kafue and the Busanga Plains was fantastic!

Zambia Busanga Plains Photo Safari Andrew Beck

I’ll be putting together a  full trip report as always but thought I’d share some thoughts I recorded on the last morning of my trip on the banks of the Kafue River.


Keep an eye on the blog for more details and for the final 2015 safari itinerary!


Andrew Beck

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  1. Carol Bell

    Andrew am so looking forward to seeing photos you have taken in this very special area. After having lived in Zambia I am so sorry I did not see the Busanga planes… however what I did see of Zambia I can imagine what it would be like. I would advise everyone who can to go on a safari with you to Zambia do so…… and I do hope maybe I can join you one day.

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