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Keep Both Eyes Open

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Most photographers close one eye when looking through the viewfinder. In doing this, the only thing they are aware of is what is happening in the small frame they are looking through.

Michael-Laubscher-Wildlife photography-Wild-Eye

So, & this might sound strange as we are taught to automatically close one eye when looking through the viewfinder but try keeping both eyes open when looking through the cameras viewfinder into the future as there are advantages to this.

Michael-Laubscher-Wildlife photography-Wild-Eye

This is very handy when photographing moving subjects or something that is a bit unpredictable like animals for example. If you are looking with just one eye through the viewfinder, you are limiting your field of vision and therefore more likely to miss any action.

By keeping both eyes open allows you to still focus on what is in your frame but at the same time remain aware of your surroundings. In doing this you can monitor the movements of your subject & so you can predict when your subject will enter the frame keeping you ready to press the shutter at exactly the right moment or also pick on potential action, which you cannot see in your frame.

It may seem overly simple, but try it out. Once your brain is used to the slightly strange adjustment, you might find it becomes totally natural to you and that you pick up on more photographic opportunities outside the frame.

Put it to practice and you will see a major difference.

Good luck & until next time;

Happy Snapping!


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