Kenya Community Service Trip Report: December 2013

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My love and admiration for the people of Kenya has been shared many times in the past, so when my eldest daughter mentioned that she would like to get involved in some  community service activities, I immediately thought of Kenya as an option.

Kenya Community Involvelment

Our  family also contributes to a scholarship programme at Jeppe High School for Boys in Johannesburg ,from which we fund the education of 2 magnificent young men – Jethro De Lange and Sibusiso Mngomezulu. They are both entering their final year of school and Jethro was recently announced as Head Boy for the 2014 year!  I thought it was a great idea to take them along!

We left in the late evening of December 5th – the date of the passing of our beloved Madiba.

We heard the news as we were on the runway, awaiting take off and our flight was spent remembering the legacy of this great man.

Our adventures took us to the villages of our Masai colleagues, Dickson and Frances, who run our camp whilst we conduct our safaris in Kenya.   They live in a remote part of the South Rift Valley, not far from the Tanzanian border . Our forthcoming safaris with Greg Du Toit – Dancing with Lions – will take place in this true wilderness area.   The They are the most hospitable people that you are likely to meet and, there genuine warmth, caring and friendliness left an indelible mark on all of our guests that joined us in the Masai Mara for our migration safaris last year.

The way that they co exist with wild animals (they refer to them as “their animals!) is amazing and the sight of seeing Elephant, Gerenuk, Eland, Thompsons and Grant Gazelles, Zebra – in a truly wild environment was special.

Frances mentioned that they have a male leopard that takes some of there goats weekly but, due to their conservation ethics, they accept this occurrence.


We also spent some time in the Laikipia region whereIsaac, our business  partner in Wild Eye East Africa , has his small farm.  His wonderful family opened up their home and ensured our stay with them was unforgettable.

We had the most incredible experience which will live in our memories for eternity and we are most certainly richer for it.

Here is a visual journey of our incredible experience.

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