Lake Nakuru Flamingo

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Gerry van der Walt - Flamingo

Nikon D3s, 600mm, 1/2000, f/4, ISO 320

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Many people think that the more subjects you have to photograph the easier it is but the opposite is actually true.  The challenge, when faced with multiple subjects, is to find and focus your photographic attention on single subjects or unique moments within the mass of possibilities.

Lake Nakuru is well known for it’s massive flocks of Flamingoes so during our recent photo safari we were faced with the wonderful challenge of creating images out of the pink mass in front of us.

For this particular image I was laying flat on my stomach – along with all our guests – next to the lake and opened up the aperture up on my telephoto lens to get a very shallow depth of field to isolate the Flamingo in front.

The soft reflection on the water surface, from both the Flamingo in front and the group in the back, felt to me like it pulls the subjects together in the frame so in my post-processing I enhanced this feeling by adding a very soft glow using Nik’s Color Efex Pro.   What you see, how you shoot it and how you process your image are all part of the photographic process and when they come together like they should the final product, your final image, can be so much more than the sum of all the parts.

Pay attention to the entire photographic process and your images, your vision, will shine through.

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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