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Mana Pools offers you the incredible opportunity to photograph animals from many different perspectives. This is made possible by the fact that we do most of our game viewing on foot & away from the confines of the safari vehicles.

The floodplain region where we’ll spend the majority of our time within, is incredible scenic and in many cases we aim to photograph the animals within it’s striking habitat.

There’s a good chance of encountering both lion & wild dog, and in these cases longer telephoto lenses are vital.

Much of the landscape – photography in Mana Pools can also be done with a telephoto lens, an interesting fact & something that may broaden your photographic horizons.

16 – 70mm (wide angle)

The scenery in Mana Pools is incredibly striking, and given the opportunity we may very well venture very close to the wildlife we encounter. This will give you the opportunity to make use of a wide-angle lens in a way you’ve never done before. Imagine sitting this close to an elephant, and capturing images of him & the stunning skyline behind.

70 – 200mm (medium range zoom lens)

Bringing your 70-200mm lens out to Mana Pools should be non-negotiable.

You’ll need this lens in your hand almost all of the time. It’s such a great focal length for this forest and the images you capture will be filled with mood & story!  It allows you to photograph from a distance where the animal is relaxed & comfortable, yet you are close enough for your heart to beat out of your chest.

It’s also light in weight & a great companion to have whilst out on foot.

200 – 400mm (telephoto)

The telephoto lenses will come in handy in most instances.

I would not recommend anything over 400mm as a lens. I do carry a 1.4x extender with me just in case I want to get closer to predators, but that’s an option if I ever need it. For the most part, 300 – 400mm is a perfect focal length for the majority of the photography done in Mana Pools.

Another great benefit of these two lenses is that they let in plenty of light. Yes, guests have photographed successfully with the 100 – 400mm range too, but you might come in short when the light is very low.

Either way, that focal range suits Mana Pools very well and will leave you heading home with a great gallery of images.

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