Lens Recommendations for the Serengeti

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The Serengeti is a name firmly embedded within the safari culture of both days gone by and the modern era. It has inspired filmmakers, drawn in countless wildlife photographers and romanced lovers from all around the world. It is a constant source of inspiration with an abundance of natural beauty that’s never seems to wither. The Serengeti stands alone in it’s marvelous ability to deliver an extraordinary encounter with Africa’s wildlife.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you have the correct lenses in your kit bag.

The photographic opportunities here have a little something special in store for everyone. There’s classic vistas, beautiful open plains, large herds of animals and stunning predators. Every lens in your bag will find something to do in the Serengeti!

16 – 70mm (wide angle)

In both of the frames above there’s a story involved that could not have been captured with a zoom or telephoto lens. On the first picture, there’s a lioness below & a leopard up in the top of the tree. She came to investigate the smells of the carcass that the leopard had hoisted to the top of that tree.

In the second images, the rainbow behind is incredible, and to have lions in the tree in the front is a classic Africa moment, one that could only have been captured with a wide angle.

On the Serengeti Safari we’ll visit the iconic Ngorongoro Crater, another incredible destination for wide-angle photography.

70 – 200mm (medium zoom lens)

As always, this is a lens you do not leave home without, especially not when you are coming on safari to the Serengeti. It’s a key-component to the success of your photo safari in the Serengeti, and allows you the opportunity to capture animals within this stunning environment.

Always keep it on hand, preferably on a second body. You’ll be using it very regularly.

200 – 500mm (telephoto lenses)

The Serengeti is well known the world over for beautiful big cat sightings.

The only way to get close enough to these magnificent animals is to make use of a good telephoto lens. The quality of light available in the Serengeti is incredible and this makes it possible for the 100-400mm range to be a stand out performer.

Due to park rules, we do not spend night time out in the field, so most photography will be done in reasonable light.

The 500mm will find it easy in the Serengeti as the terrain really suits it. I still enjoy using the 400mm lens here, but find I very often resort to using the 1.4 extender with great result.

Anything less than 300mm will however leave you wishing for some more lens here.

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