Let’s All Process the Same RAW File #3

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RAW challenge week 3 – here we go!

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Before we get to this week’s RAW file challenge, here are all the processed image received last week.

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Right, now that you have checked out all the images from last week and the comments on them in the video time to get stuck in to the new RAW file.

In case you missed the first two weeks, check out the details in the first video but here are the simple steps to follow to download and get going on this week’s image.

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  • Download the ZIP file below
  • Unzip and import the RAW file into Lightroom
  • Do all your adjustments to the file and process the image as you see fit – following the ‘rules’ below.
  • Save file to size of 800px at longest side at 72dpi (shown in video)
  • E-mail your image, as a JPEG, to photography@wild-eye.co.za
  • Watch next week’s episode to see what people did with the edit
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So with all that out of the way, here goes with this week’s RAW file challenge.  You can download the new RAW file by clicking on the image below.
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Let's All Process the Same RAW File

 So time to get editing the third RAW file and see what you come up with.

This one might prove interesting as it has some very bright highlights combined with pretty dark areas which you will need to try and balance and the goal is to make the scene look natural!

Just to confirm again, the ‘rules’ for this week’s edit:

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  • Adjustments in Lightroom or Camera RAW only
  • No Photoshop or external plugins
  • Global and local adjustments are allowed
  • No cloning or spot removal
  • No monochrome or sepia images
  • You are allowed to crop the image
  • Other than that – go for it!
  • Oh, and remember… your goal is a natural looking image!
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So, go and get stuck in and remember – keep it real!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Mark Gray

    Hi there Gerry, Some interesting versions here, since fixing my computer up for some reason my Lightroom Installation Files is corrupted and I tried to download a trial version but for some reason I Can’t get it to install under my Windows Vista It usually has something to do with updates a certain update has to be installed before Lightroom will install but i am not sure what update it is. It is time to play the waiting game before I can install Lightroom, am I able to use Silkypix instead that is a RAW Processing Software, Looking forward to try the New Image

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