Let’s All Process the Same RAW File #4

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Time for week 4 of our RAW processing posts.

The feedback has been great, the images have been rolling in – thanks!!  Been great to see you guys all get involved and playing along.

It’s time to look at some of the images received during the last week and then check out the RAW file we will be working on this coming week.

Here we… GO!


Remember, there is not right or wrong but rather just many different ways to process the same image.  The exercise of processing an image, sharing it and then comparing them to others versions of that image is purely aimed at sharing, learning and having a bit of fun.  Even if you are brand new to Lightroom and post processing images you are welcome to join and play along.  If you get stuck – just shout and we will help where we can!

So, as always here is a gallery of all the images received during the week so you can take your time and check out what everybody did with the processing challenge.

[gdl_gallery title=”rawedit3″ width=”75″ height=”75″ ]

Right, now that you have checked out all the images from last week and the comments on them in the video time to get stuck in to the new RAW file.

In case you missed the first few weeks, check out the details in the first video but here are the simple steps to follow to download and get going on this week’s image.

[list type=”bullet”]
  • Download the ZIP file below
  • Unzip and import the RAW file into Lightroom
  • Do all your adjustments to the file and process the image as you see fit – following the ‘rules’ below.
  • Save file to size of 800px at longest side at 72dpi (shown in video)
  • E-mail your image, as a JPEG, to photography@wild-eye.co.za
  • Watch next week’s episode to see what people did with the edit
[/list] [space height=”20″]

So with all that out of the way, here goes with this week’s RAW file challenge.

This week we will be looking at a RAW file sent in by Adam Kotze.

Adam Kotze - RAW File

Adam sent in this RAW file that he took a while ago asking whether we can have a look at it.  Absolutely!

So your challenge for this week is – process Adam’s image however you see fit.

Crop it, change it, make it black and white – do whatever you think is necessary to bring the best out of this RAW file.  Next week I will then have a look at processing this image, along with two other RAW files that were sent in, and we can compare notes from there.

So, the only rule this week is that you are allowed to you Lightroom or Camera RAW only!   Anything you can do with either of these programs is allowed – just no Photoshop or external plugins.

If you have a RAW file you would like to share and for us to have a look at email it to photography@wild-eye.co.za and it could be featured in future videos.

Oh, just in case you want to check out the previous weeks and how this works here are the links:

[list type=”bullet”] [/list] [space height=”20″]

I look forward to seeing what you do with Adam’s file.  Let the processing begin!!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  2. Adrian Wright

    For me the temptation with this image was to darken the exposure in the sky in order to bring out the richer colours, while at the same time lifting the exposure on the foreground as well as the temperature so as to create a warmer feeling image. However doing this without moving into the “unnatural” territory proved to be quite difficult, and one had to let go of the idealism of every sunrise photograph being rich and warm in order to be true to what the scene naturally was (not everything in nature is richly warm and perfectly exposed). The two edits that I thought found a fairly good balance were those of Artur Cabral and Mark Dumbleton, however I preferred Artur’s crop including more of the sky (he could even have opened it a little more to get 2/3s sky). Artur resisted the urge to push up the temperature and preserved all the soft tone. Well done Artur!

  3. Daniel Lehmann

    I love taking snapshots of sunrises and sunsets and it is inevitable that the camera will “see” the hues and saturations of the sun and sky differently to the way the (constantly adjusting) human eye perceives it. Sometimes the camera records far richer and deeper tones than what we see, and this can make for very picturesque images, albeit not very true to the scene itself.
    In this case, where a natural image is the objective and not a “picturesque” one, I’d have to say the three that stand out for me are the edits by Mike Muizelbelt, Artur Cabral and Ben Cullen. Mike’s image has more of a “picturesque” quality, where the image turned out very striking, although the saturation is too high to look completely natural. That said, the tones achieved in the sky appear to have less of the over-exposed quality that others have, while it still refrains from delving into the high-contrast realm that makes a picture striking yet quite unnatural. Second up I think that Artur’s image does a good job of setting the scene and the level of contrast used makes it easy to see the foreground while keeping it relatively balanced with the background (As opposed to other images that are very unbalanced and look like a very harsh flash was used on the foreground). Overall, Artur’s edit is appealing and looks natural, but the level of saturation in the foreground is slightly low and the colours a bit too cool as it doesn’t bring out the glow of the warm light in the grass. I’d say that my favourite is probably Ben Cullen’s image. ALthough this image is possibly a little on the rich side to appear completely natural, I think Ben has done a good job of making the background and foreground ‘belong’ together. By that I mean that it isn’t disjointed. The hues, saturation and contrast of the background and foreground appear to be telling the same story, and the foreground looks like it is being illuminated by the same light source that we see in the background.

  4. Adam Kotze

    Hey Wild Eye,

    Natural looking images for me that i really like was Mark Dumbleton’s nices and very natural, it just felt like early morning for me loved it. I also really enjoyed Rob Aspelling’s image a bit more brighter in colour. And for sure i really enjoyed MINE 🙂 lol


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