Let’s All Process the Same RAW File #5

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After two weeks we’re back!

This week you had the chance to process a RAW file sent in by Adam Kotze.  The leopard in a tree image was quite a tough one as the subject was slightly underexposed while the sky was pretty bright.

The results were quite diverse – which is the great thing about these edits – so before we get to this week’s video check out the galleries of all the images that were received.

[gdl_gallery title=”rawedit4″ width=”75″ height=”75″ ] [space height=”20″]

So now, here goes with a quick look at the two other RAW images received two weeks ago as well as my take on Adam’s RAW file.


With all that said and done it’s time to get stuck into the new RAW file that was sent in by Adam Wright.

This image will make for a great example of, as mentioned in the video, how to recover details from the darker areas of the images so get downloading and see what you can do with this image.

Raw Edit Week 5 - Adrian Wright

The rules this week are plain and simple again:

[list type=”bullet”]

  • Only Lightroom or Camera RAW
  • No Photoshops or external plugins
  • Save as a JPEG of 800px at the longest side
  • Email your version of the image to photography@wild-eye.co.za
  • For more info make sure to check out the video above


Next week we will then look at what you guys did with this image and we will again do a live edit of the same RAW image.  Good fun!

If you have just joined us you can check out the details of how this works in this post.

I look forward to seeing the results of this week’s RAW file challenge!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Adam Kotze

    Hey All,

    Thanks for all the ideas on my image! Loved seeing all the different ideas!!!! Gerry must say your edit was great close to how it was on the day. Amazing how sometimes you wish you could go back in time and re-take a photograph. Seeing as we are always growing and learning in photography. 🙂 Thanks for the blog look forward to next weeks image!

    Thank so much everyone.


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