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Our world today is inundated with photographs.

The act of taking a photo is more accessible and common than it ever used to be. This is especially seen in the case where cell phones have cameras that rival that of basic DSLR’s. Due to this, to take a photograph that stands out from all the others becomes even more of a challenge.

One really cannot rely on just taking a good photograph anymore. Many people accomplish that on a daily basis.

Here is where the importance of a ‘story’ in your image becomes necessary.

The photographs that capture and hold the viewers attention are those that make them feel that they are right there with the photographer; looking on at the scene presented.

It is intimate, and this intimacy is what keeps the viewer from just looking at the photo, admiring it, and moving on to the next.  We remember the images that make us want to delve into them. To explore what is being presented to us.

Stories evoke an array of feelings.


When you look at this image, what do you see and feel?

The difference between another photograph of a cheetah cub with this image by Gerry van Der Walt – apart from technicalities and composition – is the look of tiredness on its face. This image stands out as unique as it is not the typical ‘photograph’ of a cheetah cub, which is usually shown playing etc.

The story of this image is pretty obvious and endearing; the sun is going down and the cub is starting to fall asleep.

Here is another great example of a photo telling a story by Andrew Beck.


This photograph is made so much more powerful as it is not just an image portraying a male lion and a herd of buffalo.

Oh no. It is so much more.

The tension in the buffalo’s stance and the aware/relaxed walk of the lion pulls the viewer in to what is being captured.

This photograph is loaded in meaning – two beasts of the African wild, each showing their rightful claim to power…

Nature is incredible.

Let everyone see through your story why you think it is.

Penny Robartes

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