Lightroom Course Report: Saturday 2 February

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As a user of photoshop, Lightroom was pretty foreign to me and I didn’t see the point in learning how to use it.

There was no particular reason why I chose to use Photoshop. When I began editing my photos, it just seemed like the program that most people I knew used and therefore it was easier for me to learn how to use it. We also used it when I studied photography, so it just seemed as natural to use as me eating popcorn every time I watch a movie.

I have basic knowledge of Lightroom, but i think its more the editing skills that I am comfortable with as it is basically the same to Photoshop. One of the main differences I found completely necessary for one’s work-flow where Lightroom reigns over Photoshop, is that it catalogues your photographs rather than one having to import a photograph into the editing software – which you have to do in Photoshop.

Everything you need to have and do is right there in the Lightroom program.

Lightroom Course

Screen shot of Lightroom interface. Cataloguing side bar on the left, and development on the right. 

So on Saturday 2 February, I was at the Wild Eye office with my laptop set up and anticipating the days knowledge with the other clients joining us for the Lightroom Course.

From a program that looked pretty intimidating and penny-unfriendly, Gerry went through each section in comprehensive detail.

I couldn’t believe how great Lightroom is and how easy it is to use! And what I liked most of all – just because I know the editing sliders and their effects already – is that your images are all there in the program.

No longer do I need to go find the lion image in the 2012 travel folder in the picture folder in the random folder in the… you get what I mean right?

Once you import your images into Lightroom, all you have to do is choose what folder you would like to put your image in, and then you are done.

No longer is it a daunting experience to remember where you downloaded your photographs and then bring them into an editing software.

Lightroom Course

 Image used to demonstrate how one can recover parts of an image to bring detail back.

Another reason – and a big one it is -why Lightroom has stolen Photoshops place in my workflow is that it is nondestructive and one can easily reedit and start afresh.

“But what does that even mean?” you say? Basically, the RAW file never compromised. No matter how often you edit the RAW file, it will never lose image quality and detail. Lightroom automatically stores the edited version of the RAW file that you are working on, WITHOUT you having to save it yourself.

Great right? Hold on, it gets even better…

While you are still working on your image, and you decide you dont like the outcome, you can either go back the required steps to the section you are happy with and then start again from there, or you can go all the way back to the beginning and start from scratch. You can do this AND store your image for an indeterminable amount of time.

When you are happy with the final image product, then you can export it into the file format you want to use it for ; ie printing, putting it up online, etc.

How fantastic is that? I am completely impressed  with Lightroom and the user-friendly professionalism of it.

Sounds quite like the Wild Eye team actually!

Editing your photographs is meant to be a fun process.

Lightroom enables this AND makes storing your images stress-free and easy!

Penny Robartes

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