Lightroom, Overexposing and Shooting for Black & White

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Lightroom is an amazing product and offers photographers a one stop solution for the management and processing of their digital files.

That being said, in order for you to get the best out of your images it is important for you to not use Lightroom in a let’s-play-with-the-sliders-until-I-come-up-with-an-interesting-result way but rather to see Lightroom as just another step in the creative process.

The best way to do this – and I cannot emphasise this enough – is to not only understand your camera and the basic principles of digital photography but also what Lightroom is capable of and what each slider will do to your image.

Once you have a proper handle on these things you will be in the perfect position to shoot for your processing thereby taking not only creative control but also control over the overall look, feel and quality of your images.

In this video I look at how shooting for your processing can assist in creating better black and white images as well as applying some of the tools and tricks from this kind of approach to creating striking black and white images from normal RAW files.

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The process is simple but the result can be amazing.

By following through on the overexposed image used in the video I was able to create the following black and white image with minimal processing in Lightroom.

LR-B&W GIraffe

All to often we try and overcomplicate wildlife photography and especially the processing of our images.  Get to know the basics and then just keep it simple.  The results will speak for itself.

This whole week the Wild Eye team will be looking at Lightroom and how you can use it to process and manage your wildlife and nature images.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Wild Eye Facebook page for updates and details on new blog posts.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below!

Until next time.

Gerry van der Walt

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  1. Mike Blackburn

    Well well. <2minutes indeed!

    Always something to think about. Thanks so much for your unselfish sharing on this blog.

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  2. Carol Bell

    Thanks Mike says “unselfish sharing is really appreciated. I wish I could come to Joburg for a workshop. Maybe oneday but its so far from Marloth/Kamatiport.

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  3. Sushil Chauhan

    Good to have the sharing & learning aspect of WE back Gerry! This is awesome! Look forward to the other LIGHTROOM learning posts. Also wondering if you will have some similar courses now that you have a branch in Kenya? Or this branch concentrating on the travel side?

    Keep up the great work as always!



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      Thanks Sushil. Time allowing we will keep the learning and sharing going! 🙂 Also, for now there are no plans to run courss in Kenya this year but keep an eye on the website as I am working on a few ideas for next year. Thanks for your continued support!

  4. Sushil Chauhan

    Welcome Gerry! Love what you guys are doing. Great I will keep an eye out for your 2014 Kenya programs. Thanks again! Happy that you always share! Cheers 🙂

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